Archaeological Museum of Thassos

The archaeological museum of Thassos is the most important in eastern Macedonia and Thrace. It was built in 1935 and was renovated and expanded in the years 1989-1999. In an exhibition of 2376 sq.m. with 18 rooms and 1700 objects you will see collections from the 7th century BC. to the 7th century AD


Archaeological Site of Aliki

Aliki is a peninsula, located on the south-eastern side of Thassos at a distance of 31 kilometers from Limenas and has great archaeological interest. It is also known to the locals as Alykes. It is the second most important archaeological site after the ancient city of Thassos.


Ancient Theater of Thassos

Built in a natural hollow of the hill is the ancient theater of Thassos. The ancient theater is located next to the Hebrew Castle, the ancient wall and a path connects it to the Acropolis. At the beginning of the 3rd century BC


Kalogeriko Thassos

Kalogeriko adorns the old port of Thassos (Limena). It is a two-storey building of the 19th century in the center of the port and is a typical example of Thassit architecture. He got his name for his relationship with the monks as he was a member of the Vatopedi Monastery of Mount Athos.


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Unique landscapes, beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, picturesque villages, impressive archaeological sites and exquisite local cuisine. The reputation of Thassos as one of the most enticing destinations in the world is no accident!