Archaeological Site of Aliki, Alyki, Thassos

Alykes is located in the southeastern part of Thassos in a distance of 32km from Limenas. There are two gulfs in Alyki. Alykes is a peninsula of archaeological interest where the ancient quarry of marble is situated. The quarry of marble was used from the ancient to byzantine years. Huge marble rocks are discernible under the surface of the sea. It is said that during the antiquity, it was the kingdom of Aliki which had large population and a big port.

Additionally, the ancient dorp is of great archaeological interest. On the highest spot, there are the remnants of two palaeo-Christian basilicas of the 5th century that where places that welcomed the worshipers until the pre-Christian years. In the sanctum many sailors had been frequent visitors because they had been travelling to the island in order to transfer marble. The sailors used to engrave on the stepping-stones the names of their beloved ones and theirs, too.

During the 7th century B.C., at the eastern coast a sanctum was founded dedicated to the god Apollo. In 1896 a well preserved Kouros was discovered and since then it is exhibited in the museum of Istanbul.

Alykes were evacuated abruptly. The most viable explanation is the strike of an earthquake.